An UK pharmacy I have found while doing my research for reliable pharmacies is an online pharmacy which claims to be a discount pharmacy that is offering a wide range of prescription drugs and over the counter medicines at low prices to customers in the United Kingdom and Europe. Later I am going to determine whether they are offering medicines exclusively only in Europe or in other countries as well. The website of this pharmacy seems to be quite well done, everything is clear and they have a user friendly interface. I also noticed that you are able to register on this website and then to login to your account, this might be something mandatory to do for ordering medications here, that’s something I am going to determine later. According to the information that I could find on the copyright the pharmacy has been operating since 2005 and on their website they claim to be offering brand name and generic medicines for more than 10 years. Although the pharmacy claims to be an UK pharm, there is not an exact address of their location offered to customers. They claim that they are having an US site either (but they haven’t shared its name) but the difference is that all prices on this website are in GBP rather than US Dollars. They claim to be licensed wholesalers and therefore it allows them to keep their prices very low. On the main page there are also *news* where the pharmacy make notices such as that there might be Easter holidays delays of shipping, Christmas holidays delays of shipping etc. and that’s good that pharmacy warns the customers about such things. So far, this pharmacy looks really good, but there are still lots of things to check first. Selection of medications and prices

This pharmacy has promised that they are offering a wide range of prescription drugs and over the counter medicines at low prices and that’s very good, however I have checked to see it myself and according to the list of categories of medications, the selection of medications does seem to be very wide. That’s because among the categories there are: antidepressants, cholesterol, contraceptives, allergies, diabetes, skin care, muscle relaxants, thyroid, heart and many other types of medications treating many other health conditions and ailments. So the pharmacy does seem to offer a wide selection of medications but it is more important to check (to my opinion) the prices for meds. Although there is Erectile Dysfunction category, there does not seem to be any Viagra, Cialis or Levitra form. There are only such meds as Poxet (treating premature ejaculation), phentolamine (it is the first time I hear of it), and others (including some coming in syringes). Vigamed (phentolamine) seem to be the closer alternative to Viagra and here I can mention that this product 40 mg 4 tablets would cost you 29 GBP. Compared to generic Viagra prices, that’s a really high price and that’s disappointing! This online pharmacy mentioned that they do not require anyone to show a valid prescription for getting any meds from their website (they just recommend to talk to your doctor). Shipping and payment methods

It was expected for me to see that this online pharmacy is only selling medications in UK and Europe but that’s not true – they do not even ship to Europe but only within UK. So only UK customers can use this online pharmacy. UK customers can choose between 2 shipping options – regular airmail that has a delivery timeframe of 7 to 14 business days and costs 8 GBP per order. The second option is EMS courier which would cost you 25 GBP per order but has a delivery timeframe of 3 to 5 business days. According to the information on the site, they are accepting payments via credit cards (haven’t shared which ones) or by wire transfer. Customer Support Service

This online pharmacy recommends to go to their Frequently Asked Questions as you may find your question already being answered there. However if you still have unanswered questions after checking that page then you could ask them at their phone number, at their email address or by using the contact form available on their website. Sadly but there is no live chat function available on their website. Coupon Codes

I have been searching for coupon codes or for whatever other methods available on this pharmacy that might make you save some money if you do decide to order from this pharmacy. I have found only 2 offers being mentioned on their website. One of them include free regular airmail shipping offered for any orders totaling 100 GBP or greater. Plus to that, the pharmacy is offering a discount of 2.50 GBP, 5 GBP, 10 GBP and 15 GBP by spending on their website 10 GBP, 150 GBP, 300 GBP or 450 GBP or more (accordingly). To be honest, I’ve seen much better offers on other pharmacies. Reviews

I have searched for customer reviews as they are a great way to determine whether is this a honest pharmacy or rather a scam pharmacy and luckily, I did found some and according to most reviews I found there, ordering here is not advisable and in fact, it is recommended to avoid this pharmacy. although there are mixed reviews as there are some positive reviews saying that they never had a problem and they would order again, it is easily noticed that there are only a few people saying this while most others recommended to stay away from the pharmacy. a lot of people said that they never got anything or that the pharmacy overcharged credit card without announcing the cards’ owners.


Due to the fact that there are positive reviews it makes me think that there are some lucky people who still do get their ordered medications here, however when I am searching for medications I do not want to guess whether or not I will get my drugs and I want to pay exactly as I was said I should and no more. Since it seems that this pharmacy cannot guarantee me these things (according to the reviews) I will rate with 2 out of 5! Reviews

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