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Self-Introduction of is an online pharmacy that is claiming to be an Indian Online drugstore. According to the information on their site, the pharmacy is offering generic drugs to customers all over the world meaning that regardless where the customer lives, they are able to order medications from this site. The company is claiming that they are never supplying low quality medications as all their generic drugs are of the highest quality and safe to take, plus to that, their amazing services make them an online pharmacy that’s worth using, reliable and legit. According to the information on the site, they cooperate exclusively with well known drug manufacturers such as: Cipla; Sun Pharma; Ajanta Pharma; Intas Pharma; Pfizer; GSK; Torrent Pharma and others. They claim that their main mission it is to provide people with high quality drugs making it accessible to everyone by offering them low prices of drugs. So with the help of their site, customers can purchase the drugs everywhere and at any given time. They claim to have a customer oriented service offering them security and privacy, user friendly environment, pleasant and secured shopping experience and offering accessibility to the best pharmaceutical products and best healthcare items. The information on the site suggests that they are headed by a qualified pharmacist which can help customers to take the right decisions about the medicines that suits their health the best as well as their budget. Plus to that, Premium Rx Drugs is offering a 100% satisfaction guarantee meaning that customers would get full refund or free reship in case they do not receive the order. Hopefully, all the claims and promises that I have found on this online pharmacy are true and I am going to try to find it all out by writing this review and making an appropriate conclusion.

Assortment Diversity

The pharmacy seem to have as main categories 3 different types of drugs such as asthma, eye care and men’s health, or at least these are categories that you can see as soon as you enter their website, but you can also see *all categories* where an extremely big list of categories is shown, to be more exact, there seem to be around 54 categories including: acne; alzheimer’s; asthma; diabetes, birth control; HCG; hair loss; infertility; pain relief, weight loss; bone health; liver care; sleep enhancer and others. They are placed in alphabetical way so people can find them easier.

Every single category of medication is having a number of medications you can find in the category. I am mostly interested in checking ED drugs where I found out that in men’s health category, there are 38 different items. As it was said earlier, there are no branded medications as they claim that only generic medications are found here.

Seemingly, you can easily browse through the categories of medications and you can easily find them. The search bar option is also another option that can be used to find the needed drugs. There are no branded medications and that’s a drawback, however the pharmacy made it clear that they only work with generics in order to save customers’ money and since thy are offering an extremely big selection of generic drugs for a lot of different health conditions, I decided to rate this pharmacy’s selection of drugs with 5 stars, but make sure you are not searching for branded meds here.

Prices Affordability

It is obvious that the price is an extremely important factor in the customers’ decision of whether to purchase medications here or not. As it was said earlier, claims to offer only generic medications and they are claiming to offer them at really attractive prices. I should mention here that as a matter of fact, the generic medications are pretty much the same as their brand analogue, however they are produced by other manufacturers and they are much less expensive. I decided to check those prices myself and I am going to pay attention to generic Viagra, generic Cialis and generic Levitra. First drug I decided to talk about is generic Viagra where the lowest price I found for 50 mg is 2 USD per pill.

To be honest, the price of 2 USD per pill of 50 mg generic Viagra is very much compared to other online pharmacies where you can get it for less than 1 USD. Next medication is tadalafil which is generic Cialis. I decided to talk about the normal dosage of 20 mg where I found out that the lowest price is 13.20 USD for 4 tablets. You can get 200 tablets for 290 USD which is a bit better.

Nevertheless, that’s still a high price which I can say with certitude that other online pharmacies are offering much lower prices. Lastly, I decided to check if vardenafil (generic Levitra) is in the same price range and so I found out that 10 tablets are priced with 30.80 USD of 20 mg tablet. That’s only thanks to the 37 % discount offered by the pharmacy.

The price can be slightly better by purchasing more pills, nevertheless, the price is still overestimated. From as much as I noticed, the prices at Premium Rx Drugs, despite the fact they claimed to offer affordable price, are too high, comparing to other online pharmacies. Most other pharmacies out there are offering much better prices which allows customers to save much more. My rate for this unit, based on all I said, is 2 stars.

Shipping Options

I’ve been searching for shipping options and details but unfortunately I found pretty limited information to be honest. I was not able to find information suggesting that this online pharmacy is offering multiple shipping options and trying to place an order, I was not offered multiple shipping options making me make a conclusion that they simply do not offer multiple shipping options. The pharmacy claims that the shipping delivery time is 2 to 3 weeks and trying to make an order I noticed that the delivery and handling fee is 15 USD a fixed fee. Plus to that, getting on their checkout page I check in what countries they are offering shipping (they claimed to offer world wide shipping) but I only saw a limited number of countries there.

I don’t really like the fact that information on their site is misinforming customers, they do not offer multiple shipping options, no world wide shipping and very limited information about shipping overall. My rate for such a shipping policy is 1 point that I can give to

Payment Options Available on Premium Rx Drugs

By searching for ways to pay for medications at this online pharmacy I have noticed that this company is accepting VISA, echeck/ money orders and they also accept wire transfer which is for larger orders that are more than 1000 USD.

Ultimately, my rating here is 2 stars because they accept VISA, money order, wire transfer and echeck, but no master card. Many customers may have master card as their credit cards so if that’s the option they wanted to pay with – they don’t have the opportunity.

Technical Characteristics of

Page Speed Loading according to Google Test

Every online pharmacy and any website nowadays should have good technical characteristics in terms of being user friendly and having a good page loading speed. There are a few aspects that a good technically working website should have. The first one is page loading speed that I am going to test using the google’s test. Unfortunately, the test results are horrible.

To be honest, I’m not even sure if I’ve ever seen any other online pharmacies with worse technical data offered by google test. Both indicators for the mobile and desktop versions are red market meaning the speed is slow. Customers may have big problems trying to navigate through the website and I recommend the site administrators to pay much more attention to this. A lot of things should be fixed and google has some recommendations on how to do that. My rate for this aspect can’t be higher than 1 point.

Mobile Friendly Test

Another aspect of a good technically characterized website should have is the mobile version of the site since there are a lot of customers lately that are using their smartphones to arrange orders online. Without a mobile version it can be very difficult or impossible to order from a mobile device. I tried to access the site from my own smartphone and that was a horrible experience. Except for the fact that I did had page loading issues, I found out that the site is only for the desktop version. Mobile friendly test by Google looks like this:

Google test found 2 major issues: content wider than screen and the clickable elements are too close together. Since this website cannot be used on a mobile screen my rate for the unit is 1 point.

Is Connection Secure?

To check if this online pharmacy is having a secure connection I check for the green lock near the address bar. The green lock was there meaning that the site has a secure connection and it seems that every single page uses the secure connection. I checked for more information where I found out that they are using a high security level of 256 bit SSL encryption which is very good meaning that all data sent by a customer is encrypted and safe. Unfortunately, no owner information is provided and that’s a drawback as a complete transparency between customer and site owner is required. I then saw the site is protected and verified by GeoTrust as there is a clickable element proving this.

My rate for the secure connection is 4 stars. It would be perfect only with owner information provided.

Antivirus Software On-Site

A complete safeness to browse and order on an online pharmacy is only provided when the online pharmacy is having both a secure connection and an antivirus software on their site which plays an important role in customers satisfaction. Since there is no antivirus on this website, the customers may get their computers infected with viruses and other internet threats. The administrators should seriously think to install an antivirus on their site but until then, Premium Rx Drugs won’t get more than 1 point for lack of antivirus.

How to Order at

Except for the fact that this online pharmacy is asking all their customers to register on their website, the ordering procedure is extremely hard to undergo. First of all, that’s because the page loading speed is extremely slow. I tried to pass over the *shipping information* after I filled everything up and I waited for 20+ minutes for the page to load without success. The loading icon just kept on going on.

I can’t say after that since I never reached the next step. I reached that step by adding an item in my cart after I have chosen a needed medication. As said, you can do it either by searching for what you need by categories of medications or by using the search box function.

After choosing the needed strengths and quantities of pills, you should review the data and then proceed to secure checkout. Doing this step would require you to either register or to go on without an account by adding your email address. That’s the first step. Then you go to second step where I couldn’t go over. They claim there are 5 different steps but I never could go over the second one.

It has taken me more than 25 minutes to try to order and yet, I never reached the final step. Plus to that, the pharmacy does not share what’s the price per pill which is super inconvenient as I had to calculate the prices myself. The site is not functioning properly and generally, the convenience of ordering here is – very inconvenient. Since it’s so inconvenient to order here, receives a rate of 1 point here.

Is Premiumrxdrugs Safe and Legal?

Is Safe according to

I recommend customers to check every online pharmacy website before actually making an order with the site. That’s because it is extremely important to know if the site is safe and legal and there are multiple scam warning engine sites which can help us determine this. Obviously, an untrustworthy website should be avoided while a high trusted site has much better chances to offer you a pleasant pharmacy shopping experience. Using I found out that the site is 100% trustworthy. It looks safe to use. The site seem to be originating from United States and the domain age is 13 years.

My rate is 4 stars for this review because it has an alarming note and it seem to originate from USA while pharmacy claims to be from India and that’s quite strange to my opinion. Plus to that, the popularity of the site is not known which is strange too. suggests it is safe from technical point of view, you still should review other data.

Prescription Requirements

According to the information on their website, the pharmacy is requesting for a prescription for any type of medications you can find on their website. Yet, I am still not sure and that’s why I can’t rate them with maximum rate since this seem to be only a claim and nothing more. Honestly talking, I cannot reach that moment when the pharmacy is going to ask for a prescription and seemingly, I can place an order without sending them the prescription. Instead they ask for medical history which can be written fake information. My rate here is 3 stars. Approval Status

Here’s the approval status of on legit script

The rogue internet pharmacy approval status is the worst status a pharmacy can obtain. Here’s the definition of the rogue internet pharmacy: “An Internet pharmacy is rogue if it qualifies as unapproved and: The sale, prescribing or dispensing of prescription or other drugs reasonably appears to intentionally or knowingly violate, facilitate the violation of, or offer to facilitate the violation of applicable laws or regulations, defined as the laws and regulations where the drugs are dispensed from or where they are offered to be shipped to; Does not adhere to accepted standards of medical and/or pharmacy practice, including standards of safety; and/or Engages in fraudulent or deceptive business practices.”

Customers should know that this pharmacy is doing illegal activity and therefore it is by far not as safe to purchase medications from a pharmacy that is fraudulent.

Reviews about

Customer Reviews on

The customer reviews are extremely important to make a conclusion about a pharmacy making us understand if it’s worth purchasing medications here or it would be better to stay away from it. There are customer reviews *testimonials* on their own website on the page with same name. seemingly, all of the customer reviews there are positive, all of them rated with 5 stars.

They are all unique, positive, there are enough reviews, seem to be addressed to this pharmacy and are recent reviews. Nevertheless ,my rate is 4 stars since no review has a rate less than 5 stars and that’s too suspicious to my opinion making me think there’s a chance they may be fake.

Customer Reviews on Foreign Resources

I did have found a lot of customer reviews on foreign sources and most of them are on Since there are so many customer reviews and most of them (most – not all) are positive, we think the reviews are trustworthy.

There are few reviews who are rated with 1 star and few reviews overall rating the pharmacy with less than 5 stars – but there are still there. Most of all the customer reviews are positive, rated with 5 stars.

To be honest, I really think that the customer reviews on foreign website well deserve a rate of 5 stars since they are trustworthy, positive, recently written, and there are a lot of reviews indicating the company should be pretty popular. Coupon Codes

According to the information on their website, the pharmacy is offering 2 pages with special offers. One of them is called *Coupons and Offers* and the other is *stock clearance up to 80% off*. Unfortunately, the first page of coupons and offers is not available saying that *the page is not available*. The second page shows 49 different products which are having different discounts.

Unfortunately, there does not seem to be anything else. Not sure why the coupon codes are not available, maybe they are available only in seasons. Whatever the case, for all the ways that I found here to save money is market with 2 points.

Customer Support Service

“Contact Us” Section

Every good online pharmacy that is trustworthy should have a good contact information offered to all customers. That’s because many customers may have the need to ask some questions and customer support should be available to answer them all. I checked the contact us page where I saw that only the contact form is available

Except for the contact form, every page is featuring a phone number which people can call and get in touch with them. They claimed that they are only available from Monday to Friday 7:30 AM to 5:00 PM (PST). Unfortunately, nothing else. no email address, mail or physical address. There is no fax number or anything else. Such a contact information doesn’t deserve more than 2 points.

Trying to Get a Consultation

I wanted to ask this pharmacy’s customer support service more information about the shipping options, about the pharmacy’s location and about their coupon codes and since I’m not a very talkative person, I have used the contact form to ask these questions. I have waited for a response back to my email for more than 24 hours and no response ever arrived. I haven’t tried to call them as to my opinion the customers should be answered regardless of what method they decide to get in touch with customer support service. Since people do not get answers my rate for customer support service is 1 point.

Conclusion: Generics Selling Pharmacy That you Cannot Buy From is having a couple of big pluses but unfortunately, they are also having a couple of big minuses and that’s why I can’t recommend this pharmacy to anyone – ordering here stays at your discreet but I would think twice.

So, Premium Rx Drugs is a pharmacy offering an extremely wide selection of exclusively generic medications which claims to be from India, but found that it may be from USA. The pharmacy is having very good customer reviews both on their own website and on foreign websites, although the reviews on their own site may be fake. The pharmacy has a secure connection on their website confirmed by GeoTrust and according to it is all safe to use.

The pharmacy claims to ask for a prescription but in reality it seems there is no need to have one. The prices at this pharmacy are too high without coupon codes that could give you some discounts. The shipping policy has big drawbacks exactly as the page loading speed of the site and their non mobile friendly version of the site making it hard to access through your phone. There is no antivirus on the site and approval status is rogue.

Lately, when I tried to get a consultation asking about shipping, location and coupon codes – nobody answered my questions after I waited more than a day. But the worst - trying to make an order doesn't seem to be possible at all here! As we can see, there are pluses, but there are big minuses either. Reviews

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