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Online pharmacies is a great alternative for local pharmacies since the prices on online pharmacies, generally, are a lot much better than those compared to the prices in local pharmacies. However, unlike local pharmacies, the online pharmacies are coming with a risk – you can order medications needed and not receiving anything. And besides the fact that this is already an big issue in case you have ordered life saving medications and they have not arrived – you also might lose the money. for this reason it is so important to review a pharmacy before ordering. PureNootropics.net is the online pharmacy that I have found today and will review. From its name I can assume that this pharmacy is offering nootropic products and later I would find out if that’s the only type of medications they are offering or not. For now, I have analyzed the front page of this online pharmacy and I would say that they are having a very user friendly interface which is very good and gives a sense of reliability and generally – we all like good looking things. I also noticed that users can register here and login to their accounts. According to the information I found on their website, they are offering the following: 30 day money back guarantee, free domestic shipping and lastly, tested for quality and purity. According to the information on about page, Pure Nootropics has been started in 2013 by health and fitness enthusiasts but I have tried to check where this online pharmacy has its headquarters and as much as it seems, they are located in Albuquerque, New Mexico, or at least there’s an return address there. so far the pharmacy looks quite good, but it is advisable to check many other things as well.

PureNooropics.net Selection of medications and prices

As I earlier mentioned, I will try to find out what kind of medications this online pharmacy is selling and if they do sell any other types of drugs except for nootropics. I have clicked on *shop* to see if they are having the medications categorized and it seems they are not. Seemingly there are 59 different medications in this online pharmacy’s drugstore and that’s it. and seemingly, they are all only nootropic medications. Simply to give example there are such drugs as: Rhodiola Rosea Capsules, Ultra Complete Vitamin Complex, Turkey Tail Mushroom Powder, different types of vitamins (b12, d3 etc.) and so on and so forth. There does not seem to be medications treating conditions as ED, asthma and others and that’s why I doubt this is a good pharmacy for those who need them. simply to give example of price I can say that 60 capsules of Acetyl L Carnitine Capsules would cost you 10 USD. Adrafinil Powder and capsules costs between 26 and 60 USD. Either are these good prices I am not sure. these does not seem to be products requiring prescription so it is obvious the pharmacy doesn’t require anyone showing them.

PureNootropics.net Shipping and payment methods

According to the information that I could find on their website, this online pharmacy is offering shipping in all 50 states of USA and they are also offering international shipping either. However they do not ship to all countries and there’s a list of countries to which they do not ship anymore. International shipping timeframe and fees depends on where you are shipping so you should contact their customer support first. As in terms of domestic shipping they are offering first class shipping which has a delivery timeframe of 3 to 6 business days and priority with delivery timeframes of 1 to 3 business days. No information about shipping fees. They claim that they are accepting all major credit cards including: Visa, Mastercard, American Express, Discover, and they also accept Cryptocurrency (Bitcoin, Bitcoin Cash, Litecoin, Nano (XRB), and more).

PureNootropics.net Customer Support Service

Getting in touch with this online pharmacy might be something many people would want to do before ordering as I know that generally, before ordering, there are a lot of questions we would like to ask. So, for doing this, you’re able to write them at their gmail address, filling up the contact form available on their website or also by calling them at the phone number. Except for email, contact form (both of which are basically the same) and calling them, there does not seem to be any other methods.

PureNootropics.net Coupon Codes

Upon checking out I have noticed this online pharmacy is having the following space left: apply coupon after you enter the coupon code. This means that the online pharmacy does offer coupon codes to their customers but I couldn’t find them anywhere online. Since the pharmacy recommends to sign up to their newsletter I can assume that the coupons are sent via everyone’s email. The second and last thing I noticed here is 10% discount offered to people who order for the first time. Some certain products seems to be on a sale as well.

PureNootropics.net Reviews

The customer reviews are generally very helpful in determining whether is a certain pharmacy worth purchasing medications from or not. However not this time as I found a total of around 6 – 8 reviews and all of them were different. While there are some people who said that everything was good and they will order again from purenootropics.net, there are some other people who said that this is a horrible company and recommending to stay away from it. while some people seem to be super happy with the products they’ve got here, there are others saying that they have got ripped off money so I am not sure who is right here. scamadviser.com suggests they have lots of customers and has a high trust, nevertheless, the owner uses a service to hide their identity meaning they could disappear any minute without being tracked down.


In the end I guess recommending this online pharmacy to use safely would be a mistake. That’s because there are negative customer reviews recommending that this pharmacy is a horrible company who tries to steal your money. there are positive reviews and high trust by scamadviser.com suggesting the otherwise and these are the reasons I would rate the pharmacy anywhere in the middle – on a scale from 1 to 5 with 3, but that’s not enough!

PureNootropics.net Reviews

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