Self-Introduction of is an online pharmacy and a drug distributor that claims to offer high quality generic drugs at some low prices, as much as they claim. The information on their website is suggesting that this pharmacy has been opened in 2005 and it is providing a high quality only medications, generic medications as well as OTC medications and prescription drugs. Also, I noticed the pharmacy’s claim that they are offering world wide shipping to all countries and all customers around the world. They are suggesting that the medications which are sold by this pharmacy are the identical copies of the authentic drugs, having the exact same effect and the composition of the authentic drug, it is only much cheaper and a different name. The information on their main page is claiming that the main goal of this pharmacy it is to make the best quality drugs to be affordable to absolutely everybody and also they are suggesting that there are trying to offer the best services out there. Also, the company made it clear that they are taking the full responsibility for their business activity and the pharmacy is asking for a prescription to purchase prescription medications from their drugstore. As much as it seems, this is a pharmacy mostly oriented in selling men’s health products and they generally are offering promotions and offers as well as they currently have stock clearance up to 80% off. The pharmacy is promising privacy and security to all customers as all their data is safe to everyone who is going to purchase from their site. The pharmacy is claiming they have earned the trust of already more than 100,000 patients. All of this sounds really good but often I come often pharmacies that only give fake promises. Hopefully that’s not this case.

Assortment Diversity at Reliable Rx Pharmacy

I earlier mentioned that this online pharmacy seem to mostly offer men’s health medications. At least that’s what it seems because only men’s health condition is offered on their main page while all other categories are listed in *all categories*.

As much as it seems, this online pharmacy does offer a really wide selection of drugs. By checking them all, I have found out they are offering 55 different categories and to my opinion that’s quite a lot. As much as I noticed, every single of the category found there is containing several items and this means that every customer is having a really high chance to find whatever drug they are searching for. So, if you are going to find your needed medications just hover over *all categories* and all 55 categories would appear like this:

As much as you can see, all of the categories can be seen right on the main page and as much as it seems, the categories are being alphabetically arranged and this is facilitating the entire searching process for every customer. Except for finding your needed medications using the categories of medications, the customers are able to search for their needed medications using the search bar function, on their site, this should look like this:

Every single of the product which you are able to find on the site is also having a short description as well giving the users an opportunity to read how the drug should be used and other necessary information. I’ve been mostly interested in checking their ED types of medications and I found out there are 50 different drugs on their site for this condition. There are lots of meds including the most famous drugs as Sildenafil, Tadalafil and Vardenafil.

As claimed, the pharmacy does not offer any branded medications and this means that only generic drugs are found at this pharmacy. There seem to be a lot of OTC and prescription drugs. In the end, there is information that this company is offering medications by well known companies such as Pfizer and GSK. With this being said, the company seem to lie as we are not able to find any other erectile dysfunction branded medications. I really do not like the fact that the company is offering information that they are not selling branded medications but they do claim to offer drugs by authentic companies while in the end there does not seem to be any authentic medications.

Taking in consideration the fact that they are offering a wide selection of medications I am going to rate them with 4 stars, I would have rated them with maximum rate unless the company wouldn’t have lied about the companies they are working with, this is misinforming customers and I don’t really love such an attitude.

Price Affordability

According to the information on the site, the pharmacy is offering the lowest prices for their high quality generic medications. I wanted to check the prices and make sure that this is true and so I have checked the prices myself. According to what I found, the pharmacy does not seem to offer cheap prices, and definitely I wouldn’t say that they are offering the lowest prices that I have ever seen. According to the information on the site, they are also offering free pills with every pack that a customer is choosing and they do seem to offer extra pills which is very good. nevertheless, the prices are pretty high here. For example, generic Cialis 20 mg tadalafil would cost 2.20 USD per pill, the lowest possible price, that’s by far not the lowest possible price for this pill at other pharmacies.

The next medications is Lofatra (generic Levitra – vardenafil) 20 mg would cost you 2.23 USD per pill and then again, that’s by far not the lowest possible price  I’ve ever seen.

The last medication to pay attention is Caverta, which is generic Viagra, sildenafil 50 mg. the lowest possible price I’ve found here is 1.58 USD. Again, that’s by far not the lowest price I’ve ever seen as I saw prices less than 1 USD.

In the end, the price for medications at this pharmacy are moderate, I wouldn’t say they are the best and they are not the worst. People can save some money at this pharmacy, but not as much compared to other pharmacies. The fact they offer free bonus pills that’s really good, but not every pill is having free bonus pills. In the end, the price policy at this pharmacy, to my opinion, deserves 3 stars.

Shipping Options

Unfortunately, I was not able to find a lot of information about the shipping policies on their website. There is a FAQ page on their website where there is information about the shipping fees. As much as they claimed, the shipping fee greatly depends on the size of your order. Plus to that, there is information that customers should allow up to 2 to 3 weeks for delivery.

I also have managed to find that this pharmacy is offering shipping to 50 states of US (standard shipping only). There is also information claiming that the orders are going to be shipped within 2 business days. That’s a really long time to be honest. Say that you place your order on Friday night you stand chances that your order is going to be sent on Thursday.

Another big problem is that there is no information exactly about the shipping fees either. All in all, to my opinion, there is a lot of information that misses, they only ship to USA as much as it seems and generally the little information found about shipping is on different pages and that’s super inconvenient. For all I found about the shipping my rate is 2 stars.

Payment Methods

According to the information that I have managed to find on their website, the pharmacy does seem to offer quite a good amount of payment methods. In fact, I found no information about the payment methods at all, I have only managed to find the payment methods on their checkout page. so, I have managed to find there several payment methods such as: credit cards, echecks, wire transfer as well as money order.

I do think that these are some convenient ways to a lot of customers as there are quite a good number of different payment methods and that’s very good. In the end, my rate is 3 stars. that’s because there is no way to find what are payment methods unless you go on checkout page and that’s very inconvenient for lots of people plus to that, there is no master card as credit cards. My final word is – 3 stars for payment options.

Technical Characteristics

Google Page Speed Test

I was interested in checking their technical characteristics as this is something very important for every customer. That’s really important because nobody wants a slow loading pages of the site. And using the Page Speed Insights test by Google developers I have found out that the technical characteristics are really really low. Unfortunately, the mobile version is extremely low. It is having a score of 4 out of 100 and that’s extremely slow page loading speed score. This means that customers will definitely have issues with mobile device page speed.

The desktop version of this online pharmacy page loading speed is a little bit better, but still, not good. it is having an average page speed scored 65 out of 100 which is not good either yellow marked.

This is a really big problem and we cannot rate this unit with more than 2 points.

Mobile Version

According to the information that I managed to find by Google Developers Test “Mobile Friendly” this pharmacy does offer a mobile version of their website, however I would say that the page is very poorly made. Except for the fact that the site is mobile friendly but poorly arranged, it indeed has a lot of page loading speed. It needed a lot of time until I was able to finally see some medications while browsing the site.

It is very hard to browse the website since the text on the site is cut so you can’t properly read I all. Some of the buttons on the site are not working either and plus to that, every single page is extremely slowly loading.

All in all, I would say that this mobile version of the site does not deserve more than 2 points because the site does have a mobile version, but it is hard to use it.

Is the Connection Secure?

It is obvious that every customer needs a secure shopping environment on the internet where they are allowed to purchase medications risk free. Having a secure connection means that no customers are having the risk to get their personal data stolen, such as credit card info. Customers can easily check if the site uses a secure connection by checking for the green lock near the address bar. Since does have the green lock near their domain address name it means that the connection is secure.

The great news is that this online pharmacy is using an advanced security measure of 256 bit SSL encryption technology. This is also being confirmed by the clickable elements on their website.

There is just one problem – the owner company information is hidden. My rating therefore is 4 stars because all pages are having a high security level.

Antivirus Protection

Except for the fact they are offering a high security level of 256 bit SSL technology, they are also offering an antivirus protection on their website. There is an icon suggesting they are McAfee secure and clicking on it the following page was displayed:

The customers are indeed having a secure shopping environment and that’s really good as customers can safely purchase whatever they need on this site. because of this reason, is deserving a 5 stars rating.

How to Order

As much as it seems, customers are able to register on this website, but this is not mandatory. They can register only if they wish to but if they don’t then they can faster order here as the entire ordering procedure seem to be simple and fast.

Except for saving time by not needing to register, the pharmacy is having a useful option of comparing items and this makes it easier to order here.

Another useful information is the fact that they share the price per pill making it easier to understand the prices. After you add the needed items to the cart, there are 5 different steps you need to undergo to complete the order: login; shipping information; medical history; confirm address and payment.

All in all, the ordering procedure seems to be fairly simple, but the medical history test is a little bit of time consuming. This is what makes me rate them this online pharmacy convenience of ordering with 4 stars. The ordering procedure is rather easy and fast, but it could have been easier and faster.

Is Legit? about

Unfortunately, I didn’t got good results by checking the reliability of this *reliable* pharmacy on has a trust rate of 24% which is very low meaning that there’s a high risk ordering here. Since there is low trust rating, the site may not be safe to use. In addition to that, a malware report has been detected for this site too.

In addition to that, I do not like that the probably website origin is from 4 different locations and this makes me wonder how trustworthy this site is. Taking in consideration everything that I said above, I am going to rate this pharmacy with a rate of 2 stars for the review.

Prescription Requirements

Searching for information on their FAQ page about the prescription requirements, the pharmacy does claim to require a valid prescription to purchase prescription drugs. However, I have tried to order an ED medication and I was able to confirm my order without ever needing to send a prescription.

This makes me think that the pharmacy is only asking for a prescription to make them look reliable but in reality they do not need a prescription. For this reason, I am not going to rate this pharmacy too high. They do not take the prescription requirements too seriously and for this reason my rate is 1 point. Legitimacy according to Legit Script

As much as we can see in the screen above, the pharmacy has a rogue status on This means that the pharmacy does not meet the criteria of becoming a legal pharmacy online and being *ROGUE* it means that the pharmacy may be doing illegal activity. Illegal activity puts customers health and money at risk. Since there’s a high chance the pharmacy is a scam my rate is 1 point.

Customer Reviews about Reliable Rx Pharmacy

Reviews on

According to the information that I managed to find on *testimonials* page, there are 48 total reviews. The reviews does have a date, they are having the names and where those customers are from.

All in all, the customer reviews are positive, they are unique and really informative – addressed to this pharmacy. Nevertheless, all the testimonials are positive ONLY and that’s really suspicious. I just can’t see how all customers don’t have anything to say negative about a single detail about the pharmacy.

Plus to that, the pharmacy recommends to read customer reviews on trust pilot as well.

My rate is 4 stars since it is all too suspiciously good.

Customer Reviews on Foreign Sites

As said, the pharmacy recommends to read the reviews on In the end, there seem to b 2880 customer reviews there. There are a few negative reviews and a lot of positives.

In the end, another suspicious thing is the fact that there are reviews ONLY on trust pilot – the site they recommend to read customer reviews there. That’s again, too suspicious. Nevertheless, my rate is 4 stars. Coupon Codes

As I have said earlier, there is Stock Clearance page and there is Offers Zone page. I have checked them both and checking the Stock Clearance page first I noticed there are 50 different products with different discounts. There seem to be discounts from 10 to around 60 %.

Except for this, as I said it earlier, the pharmacy is also offering offers too. In addition to that, they do claim to offer coupon codes as well.

Since this pharmacy offers discounts to some certain products and offers 15 % discount by coupon codes I will rate them with 4 stars. There are other pharmacies with much better options to my opinion.

Customer Support Service

Contact Us Section

By checking the methods to get in touch with this pharmacy I noticed they are having a contact form, a phone number for USA customers and for international customers, the fax number and operational hours as well. There is no physical address unfortunately and that’s a big problem.

Due to the fact that there is no physical address which is so important, my rate is going to be 3 stars for this.

Getting in Touch

I have tried to get in touch with this pharmacy using the contact form and I did got a response back but the response was very strange. I was asking for coupon codes but the response was: please let us know the name of the medication you are looking for and we are going to provide the details. The response was not logical and this makes me think a robot answered back.

I really think that customer support service should be improved but so far, my rate is 3 stars.

Conclusion: Pharmacy with 4 locations of the Site is an online pharmacy that doesn’t seem to be too reliable. They are having a wide selection of medications but there does not seem to be any branded drugs although they claim to work with branded manufacturers. They seem to have a lot of drawbacks that should be fixed as soon as possible.

I have checked the legitimate results of this pharmacy and it come back very low, had a very low trust with saying that it is a rogue internet pharmacy. It has a very slow page speed, with general poor technical characteristics of the site. It has a high security level with an antivirus, however the prices are not very attractive, although there is a coupon code offered.

In the end, the customer support service doesn’t seem to be very good as a robot seem to respond back. The customer reviews both on site and foreign websites are too suspicious and limited information is limited on their website. In the end, I won’t be able to recommend this pharmacy to people. Reviews

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I never found any payment issues with and the quality of medicines I found motorless similar the one I find to my chemist. From my side, it’s a thumbs up for Reliablerx until my payments are secure, and quality of the medication is good.

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No problems at all with this iop. Everything delivered in 11 working days, well packed and clearly addressed. I will certainly use reliablerxpharmacy again.
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