Hot is the first Russian pharmacy, as much as it seems, that I am going to review. Generally, as a matter of fact, Russian pharmacies are not trusted but I really hope that this is an online pharmacy proving otherwise. I said this is a Russian pharmacy from its name of RU Pharma, nevertheless, as soon as you enter their website you get this confirmed by reading the message: *your one stop store for the best Russian nootropics and supplements*. The website looks really good and in addition to that, it is offering their customers to change the currency which is a very useful option to my opinion. In fact, this option has helped myself too as all the priced used to be in EUR but I had to change them in USD. In addition to that, people are able to create an account here and to sign in to their accounts. The site looks really good, information is well arranged so you can easily find whatever you’re searching for. In addition to that, the site is secured by McAfee and that’s giving the sense that you’re safe buying online. Although there’s information that the pharmacy is Russian, there’s no exact address given. Plus to that, I also could not find any information suggesting for how long this online pharmacy has been operating. Hopefully scam warning engines would help determine these points. There is a list of services this online pharmacy guarantee: they are shipping most of their products from EU (but in some cases from Russia) for a faster and smoother delivery service; dispatched within 2 to 3 working days with a tracking number; you get 100% refund if your package gets seized by customs or lost in transit; 100% secure HTTPS payment processing; they only sell 100% legal products endorsed and sold in Russia; discreet packaging without any markings; you can always contact them in case you cannot find a product they do not sell and lastly, their prices and unparalleled level of service is more competitive for identical products compared to other online stores and eBay as they claim. Selection of medications and prices

You can search for the needed medications by using the search box function available on their website or you could see the list of categories of medications available on the site. They include: pain relief, stress and anxiety, peptides, cognitive enhancement, fat loss and physical energy, HGH and some others. As said earlier, in case you cannot find the product that you need on their site then you could even contact them. With this being said and with so many drug categories I can assume that the selection of medications is pretty wide here. Searching for prices I’ve been searching for Cialis, Levitra and Viagra which were not available on the site. there was something similar – Lovelas Forte which the pharmacy claims that it is a natural Viagra alternative. For 8 caps/ pack you would need to pay 28 USD. Compared to generic Viagra that’s a really high price! This online pharmacy is not requiring anyone to show a valid prescription for ordering drugs here. Shipping and payment methods

According to the information on their site, this online pharmacy is not shipping world wide, however there’s still a big list of countries to which they do ship, you can check that list on their site. There is a lot of information in regards to the shipping fees and that’s because they greatly depends on where exactly you’re ordering and on the weight of the package. As in terms of average delivery times they claim as following: Within EU - 5-8 working days; UK - 8-13 working day*, UK ParcelForceGlobal Priority - 5-7 working days; USA - 10-15 working days, USA USPS Priority Mail Express International - 6-8 working days; Australia, Japan and Malaysia - EMS Express - 8-14 working days. They are accepting credit cards (VISA and Master card), Bank and wire transfer and lastly: monero or bitcoins as cryptocurrencies. Customer Support Service

There are limited ways to get in touch with this online pharmacy as much as it seems, that’s because this pharmacy is only reachable by their contact form on their site or by contacting them through the Facebook page. There are no other ways to talk with them. Coupon Codes

When talking about coupon codes, there is a special page about this with *special offers*. They include: buy one get the second for free Noopept. This is a limited time offer. In addition to that, they are offering 10 % discount if you pay with Monero or Bitcoin. They are also offering store credit bonus (you can read more information on their site) and they also offer 20% price reduction on NPCRIZ Peptides. Lastly, they are having a VIP status for their customers which is granted only to those who paid for orders worth 500 Euros with them. They receive 30 EUR on their accounts and get special offers that standard customers do not get. Reviews

The customer reviews are very important before judging the pharmacy and luckily, I did found a lot of them. I found reviews on reddit, trustedsite, mywot and others including forum discussions. Although there are people complaining having a negative reviews with the site, there are definitely much more positive reviews meaning that the site is indeed sending good medications. So the site looks quite fine so far, however I got disappointed checking the info on Although they seem to have lots of customers, the trust rate is only 10% which is very low! The pharmacy has been listed as rogue internet pharmacy, the owner uses a service to hide their identity and a malware report has been detected for this site.


The fact that this online pharmacy has so many positive customer reviews that’s very good and that’s one big plus for the pharmacy exactly as it is the fact that they have good special offers and deals. However the fact that the prices are pretty high there and the fact that the site has no trust from are big problems. Therefore gets a rate of 3 out of 5! Reviews

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 First when i asked how to pay by faster payment , i hot a question, shat is wrong with you??!!!who asks like that?!  I'm in shock.  I felt so uncomfortable, but then I still sent the money, didn't I think, what will happen next, very arrogant people
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