it is an online drugstore that is providing with prescription drugs everyone who needs them and has financial problems and that’s because, as they pharmacy claims, they are selling those prescription medications at the most affordable prices. This is a Canadian online pharmacy and that’s because this website is being run from Winnipeg, Canada and claimable this online pharmacy has started its first activity back in 2001. All these 16 years has put trust in a number of organizations and therefore it has made this site be certified by Better Business Bureau (; by and by Canadian International Pharmacy Association – CIPA. On their website you can find the links for CIPA and The website for this pharmacy seem to be user friendly with a normal speed and easy to understand and operate with. You can find all the information you need in a matter of a few clicks.

What’s the drug selection?

To my opinion – normal drug selection. That’s because they have 3 types of medications which are shown right on the front page: prescription drugs, non prescription drugs and even pet medications. it seems that they have 71 of prescription drugs, 129 for non prescription drugs and 58 of pet medications. or at least these are the numbers shown when clicking on each of these. After you click on any of them you can therefore browse by letter in search for the medication that you need. Or a simpler way of searching the medication that you need is by using the search box. That’s what I’ve done to check whether do they have Viagra, Cialis and Levitra or not. and they did. They had each one of them in generic equivalents for them and, obviously the brand name. So does seem to have a good wide selection of drugs with at least the most popular drugs found in their stores.

What are the drug prices then?

I’ve been completely shocked that online pharmacies can have such prices for generic Viagra and that’s in the bad way. Like for example 16 tablets of 25 mg each would cost you 57.99 USD and that means that the price for a generic Viagra 25 mg pill is 3.62 USD! That’s the price that some online pharmacies are selling brand Viagra. However purchasing generic Viagra but 100 mg that’s going to be nearly twice the price – 114.99 USD for 16 tablets and that means that the price for a single generic Viagra 100 mg pills is 7.18!!! the prices for 25 mg, 50 mg, and 100 mg are not having a big difference for brand Viagra though – 215.99 USD; 193.99 USD; and 229.99 USD for 16 pills, respectively. That means that the lowest price for brand Viagra is 13 USD which is not that high as compared to the prices for generics. It seems to me that purchasing brand is better on this online pharmacy. The prices for Cialis are very high either 16 tablets would cost you 80 USD for generic Cialis. 16 tablets for Cialis brand would be 289 USD. I don’t think that these are actually ‘affordable’ prices. Or at least there are online pharmacies that surely carry much lower prices than these.

Do TotalCareMart require you to have a valid prescription?

Yes they do, all those drugs that are on the *prescription drugs* page require a prescription. By searching for all those drugs: Cialis, Levitra and Viagra, under each form of theirs there’s also the information: Prescription required. There’s also information of which country this product is and from where it is being shipped. You can purchase without a valid prescription only those drugs that you can find on the non prescription drugs category. For all the rest you need to show a valid prescription that is written to you by your physician.

TotalCareMart Coupon codes

The reason why I haven’t said anything else about discounts, bonuses or special offers is because they don’t have anything else besides coupon codes. However the coupon codes are offering you different things. Like for example you can use coupon code 5 to get 5 % discount on your first order, coupon code 6 to get 6% discount on your second order and coupon code 7 to get 7% discount on your third order. what about further orders I am not sure. You’re also able to write the coupon SHIP and you will get a free shipping from In fact, I’ve made a mistake, you are also able to refer a person in order to get a bonus of 10 USD for each person that is going to shop here under your referral.

TotalCareMart Shipping options

All the countries to which they ship to are listed as following: United States, Australia, Brazil, Switzerland, Chile, China, Costa Rica, Spain, France, United Kingdom, Hong Kong SAR China, Israel, Italy, Japan, Mexico, New Zealand, Philippines, Romania, Singapore, and El Salvador. But they say that you can write their customer support if you live in a country that is not listed here. about the delivery times: 2 to 4 weeks, however if you don’t get the medication in 4 weeks then you should contact them and they said that if necessary, they will reship. The shipping fees, as the information on this website suggests: 9.95 USD for all orders within USA and 19.95 USD for all orders outside USA. They are not accepting a return regardless of the reason.

Payment options accepts

They don’t seem to accept any other forms except for credit cards meaning that if you don’t want to pay via your credit card I doubt that you would be able to pay for any meds on it seems to me that they are only accepting Master Card and Visa.

What are the ways to get in touch with them?

They don’t seem to make you wait too much until you get a response to any of your questions that you might have. Or at least that’s the impression I got by the online live that message that has appeared within 5 minutes of browsing this website asking me if they can help me with anything. They are also having a toll free number and international number (in which they can also talk in Spanish in case there is someone who needs). There’s also their mailing address, fax number (both toll free and international), and email. A combination of 2 phone numbers, email, fax, mailing address and live chat seem to be more than enough to get in touch with them!

It doesn’t seem to be a scam at the first sight: they claim to have more than 12.000 customer reviews (on their website), they have phone numbers listed, they are having Facebook page with more than 800 people following them (and some people’s reviews), and most importantly they are, CIPA and BBB verified pharmacy. All of this means that there are low chances it is scam, however I always think that any online pharmacy might be turn into scam tomorrow, if it’s not today!

TotalCareMart reviews

The first reviews I’ve checked were those on facebook as I think that those are the most credible and reliable reviews. There are 31 people who wrote reviews and most of them are all positive. People said that they love Total Care Mart because it has saved them money and fast delivery. Most people said that they loved this online pharmacy. However there’s a person who said that his order was lost and no refund of money. There are also other reviews on other sites than facebook suggesting that this is a good online pharmacy, however as on facebook, there were some people complaining. People complaints means that this online pharmacy doesn’t always succeed in keeping their promises.

So what’s the conclusion? seem to have lots of pluses but it also has minuses. Like for example there are unhappy customers who didn’t seemed to change their reviews which means that their problems got unsolved. They also do not have the return policy which is bad for a number of people. An extremely big minus is the prices. Generic Viagra, Cialis and Levitra have unbelievable big prices. But due to the fact that, at least today, this pharmacy is reliable and it has made a number of people be happy with the services they have, I rate it 3 out of 5. A bit of lower prices and a bit of more care about all customers would be very welcome! Reviews

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