While searching for the most reliable with the lowest prices online pharmacy I’ve came along and it has got my interest which is why I’m going to be reviewing it. The website itself seem to be well made, everything is clear, the speed of the site is very good and it also supports the Spanish language too. I haven’t met any difficulties in understanding, browsing and using the website. So I started searching for more information about the pharmacy and I’ve found their claim saying that they are having 9 years of experience in this business which makes them to be a leading pharmacy on the Internet. They are shipping directly from the USA and their goal is to make their customer happy with their top quality generic medications at low prices. They claim that everything used in the medications found on their site is being approved by Indian FDA and internationally certified. Generally this seem to be a popular drug store and it is strange I haven’t come along it up until this moment. But it’s better later than never. drug selection

This online pharmacy seem to be focused on the ED medications and that’s very good for someone like me because those are the medications that I need and usually, online pharmacies that are focused on ED medications are offering discounts and bonuses for orders of these types of medications. The information on their website implies that all of the medications that you can see in their product lists are all generic meaning that on this site there are no brand name medications. The full list of drugs can be seen right on their front page and as I said, they are mostly focused on ED medications because most of them are for treating male impotence. There are others like Wellbutrin SR, Xenical or Cytotec and a few others, but mostly the list is with medications for treating male impotence. I haven’t counted the full list of drugs but I think there’s around 30 - 40 or so medications. Under each medication there’s detailed information about it like for example: how I should take the medication?; what may interact with this medicine and many other questions and answers of this type.

USARXDelivery Drug prices

Drug prices are fair. Generic Cialis, Generic Levitra and Generic Viagra are all 2.08 USD per pill if you purchase larger quantities. The prices are a bit higher if you purchase only a couple of pills. In fact, I see that most of their drugs are 2.08 USD the lowest price and around 90% of all medication are anywhere between 2 to 3 dollars per pill. There is also Tripe Trial Pack which offers 90 pills of these types of ED drugs, a combination of pills that you can choose on your own.

USARXDelivery Customer support service

You’re able to write them a form by email where you write your name, email, subject and the proper message. They are responding back by email as well. also there’s the toll free number +1 702 965 3395 and lastly there’s also live support and this is a big plus for me as I like to get in touch with the pharmacy’s personnel by live chat online. They claim to be working 24/7 meaning that you should get a response regardless of which method you decide to contact them very fast. You’re also able to complaint on their customer support team in case something goes wrong. They are warning that the only language they speak is English.

Do they require a prescription?

Usarxdelivery doesn’t require a prescription so regardless of what is the medication and its quantity that you want to purchase – you will be able to do that without any problems and without the pharmacy asking you any questions. That’s convenient for a lot of people even though this poses some risks (that a person would take too much pills at once or something in this matter) but that’s something everyone should think and decide for themselves.

What payment options do they accept?

They accept 2 payment options but that’s more than enough and the reason I say this is that they are accepting Bitcoin (which is my favorite way of paying with online pharmacies) and plus they accept any given bank card. So regardless of what bank card do you have – is ready to sell you medications at your wish. I’m very happy to see a pharmacy that accepts any given bank cards because although most people have VISA and Master Card, there are still lots of other people having different cards. Plus there’s also bitcoin which is even better for me.

USARXDelivery Shipping policy

They are shipping only within the USA so people from other countries should search for another online pharmacy. As for USA customers, they are going to get their parcels via United States Postal Service (USPS) and the shipping is taking anywhere between 2 to 7 business days. The delivery fee is 35 USD and there’s not a tracking system available. Unfortunately, besides this first class mail delivery they do not have any other options for shipping. I can assume that there is no other shipping option besides this one because they do not ship anywhere else than USA.

What are their bonuses, do they have coupon codes and do they have discounts? is having a list under the following message: don’t miss our advantages! Here’s what on that list: easy purchase; no doctor visit; lowest price guaranteed; 24/7 support; money back guaranteed; and lastly trusted manufacturer. I’ve checked whether do they have other offers than the discounts in case you purchase in load and they do have some, like for example you get a 5% extra discount on your second order and 7% extra discount on your third and further orders as well. They also claim to have seasonal and holiday discounts which is true because there’s a discount offered because of the Halloween which they say that you can use a coupon code on billing page and get more 5% off. So they also have coupon codes which is very good.

USARXDelivery reviews

Testimonials on their website shows a number of positive reviews but those are reviews I am not paying attention as long as those are reviews on their own site. However, I’m paying a big attention to people reviews on other sites and when I saw the positive reviews written by a number of people (10-20 reviews) on other sites I made my conclusion that this is a site that I can trust. and so, when there’s a site that I trust I am recommending it to other people. To give an example of what people said, a reviewer with nickname franab wrote that this is a reliable and trustworthy source. He said that he had 3 orders with them and everything is fine because the pills are accurately packed, delivered as promised and discreet. Plus to that, the pills seem to be of a good quality because he said that his sexual life changed for better since he started using this pharmacy.

So what’s the conclusion?

In my opinion, an online pharmacy that is helping their customer to have a better life by both treating their health condition with the medications they sell and also by allowing them to save some money by the discounts they are offering – that’s an reliable online pharmacy. As long as customer reviews suggests that this is exactly what does then I won’t change my mind in saying that it deserves maximum rate of 5 out of 5 and I can recommend this pharmacy to all USA customers! Reviews

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