The first impression you get when accessing this address is that it is a store that is specialized in selling of erectile dysfunction medications and especially Viagra. Reading more about it gives the impression that it has a really good reputation in the market and it seems to get more and more popular and that’s because the demand for ED medications, for some unknown reason, seem to get higher as of late. On this online pharmacy *you can purchase quality generic products which you can trust all 100%* as it is claimed.

ViaBestBuy drug selection

Via Best Buy is specialized only on erectile dysfunction or impotence (the difficulty of men in getting an erection in the presence of a sexual stimulation) medications and that’s why if you need medications for any other condition (like insomnia or depression or whatever other) then this is not a good online drug store for you. As for men who do find it hard to get an erection the site claims to be everything they need to ‘treat’ their problems. The medications that they are selling are being manufactured in India by an Indian company named Sun Pharma Laboratories which is one very popular company both in India and United States and it is one of the biggest suppliers of drugs. Most ‘popular’ drugs found on the site are: Viagra, Levitra, Cialis, Priligy and there’s many others.

ViaBestBuy drug prices on the site comparing to other sites

I’ve made an order here and I have purchased Viagra. I have purchased 100 mg of generic Viagra at a price of 2.9 USD per one tablet. The price is pretty high because I found 100 mg of generic Viagra as low as 1.2 USD online. But I thought about checking the quality and to be honest, the quality wasn’t better than 100 mg of generic Viagra that I purchased for like 1.9 USD per one tablet (but it was better than the 1.2 USD tablet). That’s why I think that you can find better prices!

The payment methods with ViaBestBuy

They have quite a limited payment method: only credit cards or Bitcoin. You can’t pay other ways if you’re not having bitcoins or if you don’t want to share your credit card information. To be honest, that’s not a very good thing. I preferred to pay via Bitcoin.

Where do ViaBestBuy Ship?

They are only shipping within the United States. They do not have international shipping and whether would it be available any time soon or not I don’t know, but I assume so as I think that people running this site know very well that there are lots of people from overseas who are ordering ED medications. Also, talking about the shipping: they are having 2 options for you for getting the parcel shipped: regular which needs 10-18 days to get to you, doesn’t have a tracking number and costs 29 USD or express shipping which comes in 7 to 10 days to get to you, does give you a tracking number and it costs you only 10 USD more – 39 USD. I’ve chosen to get the second option because the difference is only 10 USD, but to be honest, 29/39 USD for shipping WITHIN USA is way too much in my opinion.

Customer Support of ViaBestBuy

There just isn’t one. They do not have a live chat or a contact number where you can call and talk with them. at least I haven’t seen one being provided on their site. All that you can do is to * Submit a request* but I am a firm believer that this is not enough! There’s generally a very limited way to get to talk with them. Another thing which I didn’t like.

So if you can’t reach them it means ViaBestBuy is a scam?

I wouldn’t actually say this. The fact that it is hard to reach them and talk to them properly is really annoying for me as a customer, however they are not scammers. They do send your parcel, they do not charge you more than you should and they do sell you the exact number of pills that you ordered. Or at least that’s my experience with them. They do not scam you and that’s why, I guess, they are still around, but there are other negative points.

Do ViaBestBuy have coupons or special offers?

Free ED Trial Pack Samples Yeah they do. Purchasing via Bitcoins they are giving you a 25% off. another promotion is that you are getting free shipping (standard, of course) for order that are more than 80 USD. The biggest promotion that I really loved is that they are giving few freebie pills. I got some myself, you get few pills but that’s still good. They are having sales on ED packs for those who are ordering more than 200 pills of any impotence medications. They do not have coupons though.

The reviews of ViaBestBuy

They aren’t exceptional but they are quite good. People said that they are happy with the pills they got because they worked, some people said that they god refunds by in case the order failed to arrive within the promised 21 days post shipping. Others said that their parcel got damaged while reaching their address. They had to provide proof (photos) to site and reshipped for free. But there were unhappy customers, most of them said that they are unhappy because the pills didn’t work. I was even able to read reviews claiming that this is a site which has the best ‘customer support’ but I wasn’t able to even find one. This lead me to think that there might be ‘scam reviews’ written by people who got paid to write them. One more thing which I didn’t loved.

So what’s the conclusion here?

The fact that they have some special promotions and the fact that the prices are not ‘overpriced’ can be tempting. But there are few things which I don’t like. I have enumerated them earlier. I tried to say everything I didn’t like about this site. I guess that if you’re an inexperienced person in online pharmacy game then you might be a pleased customer, however for someone with experience this is not enough. That is why, for me the rate of this is 4 out of 5, I thought about it being 4 out of 5, but the fact that they don’t have customer reviews at all is a really big minus. In addition to that, they are having very few external reviews (written outside of the site) and that’s talking about something… Reviews

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